About me

I live in California with my husband and 2 young ladies.

Growing up around crafty people all my life has definitely rubbed off on me.  I have been sewing for 20 years, off and on.  My best present I got from my husband was my serger.  He doesnt know what it does but got it for me just the same.

I designed my maternity wardrobe when I was pregnant because I couldnt find anything that I liked. Once my daughters were born I made them their clothes, bedding, stroller covers, etc. Pretty much anything that I could cute-ify.

Years later it seems all I do now is make things for around the house and costumes.

I dont talk in sewing language. I like to make things simple to do and easy to understand. I am dyslexic so if somethings dont make sense please forgive me.  I try to have my husband edit my writing when I can.